PUBLIC NOTICE Nº 01/2018 Revista Direitos Fundamentais e Democracia Fundamental Rights and Democracy Review – RDFD CALL FOR PAPERS – FOREIGN RESEARCHERS




Revista Direitos Fundamentais e Democracia

Fundamental Rights and Democracy Review – RDFD




1st Art. The Fundamental Rights and Democracy Review is a Brazilian open access online journal that publishes papers under the Creative Commons Attribution (by) license. CAPES has classified it in the Qualis A1 level and it has been indexed in the foremost national and international databases. The Fundamental Rights and Democracy Review accepts papers in a continuous flow. It publishes issues every four months and it is available in a virtual version (ISSN 1982-0496). The Review makes public its call for papers, which must be academic articles written by foreign researchers which will be admitted in the Spanish, English, French, Italian, and German languages.


2nd Art. The Review will be admitting unpublished, original papers, which must be submitted for publishing through electronic means, displaying interdisciplinary research based on critical methodology and approach and regarding subject matters related to Constitutional Law, International Law, and Integration Law, always through the prism of fundamental rights, democracy and human rights, aiming at a critical analysis of the researched themes, emphasizing technique and academic accuracy.


3rd Art. The deadline for submission of papers under this Public Notice is October 2018.


Sole paragraph. Papers submitted after the aforementioned deadline may be taken into consideration and evaluated for the next issue.


4th Art. All papers must be submitted online, with no identification whatsoever as to their authorship, ensuring an impartial peer review, and through author registration on the Review’s website, which may be found at the following address: <>.


First paragraph. Papers will be admitted if written by researchers with a doctorate, assuming they conform to the Review’s publishing rules and norms. Academic accuracy and exactitude must be observed.


Second paragraph. All papers submitted must conform to the Guidelines for Authors and to the Publishing Requirements, and authors must also agree with the Authors’ Rights Policy, all of which are available at:



Third paragraph. Authors must warn the Editors about any potential or actual conflict of interests regarding the paper, submitting a statement or notice titled “Additional Document” together with the paper.


5th Art. Papers approved by the blind peer review shall be published. The expected deadline for completion of the issue is December 2018.


First paragraph. If there is a large number of approved papers, any manuscripts that may go unpublished shall take part in the issue to be published in the first semester of 2019.


Second paragraph. Authors will not receive any payment for their published papers, nor will they receive a print copy of the issue, since the journal is an exclusively electronic one.


Curitiba, March 5th 2018.


Eduardo Biacchi Gomes


Fundamental Rights and Democracy Review’s Editor-in-Chief